Disney Class Series D-Stage PVC Diorama The Lion King Special Edition 15 cm

  • EAN: 4711061145024
  • Sorszám: BKDDS-076SP
Beast Kingdom, \'The Entertainment Experience Brand\' is going back to the Animal Kingdom, with a special edition Lion King Diorama, featuring a gang of merry friends!

Hakuna Matata, \'it means no worries\' sings Timon the meerkat and Pumba the warthog, to a young Simba, the future king! Joining their journey is also Nala, the future queen to Simba\'s King. The classic song originally written by Elton John is filled with joy and laughter bringing together a group of soon to be lifelong friends.

The D-Stage 076SP sees the four characters on top of a rain forest themed scene, with lush trees, bugs and more all adorning a highly detailed design. Both cubs Simba and Nala are playfully enjoying each other\'s company, whilst Timon and Pumba are both seen enjoying the jungle sun!
An attention to detail also gives collectors some special part to discover, can you find some of the other miniature characters in the diorama?
A wonderfully summer feel is the order of the day with the special edition Lion King diorama, so make sure to take home yours today!

\"The Diorama Stage-076SP-Disney Class-Lion King Special Edition \" is limited to 3,000 sets worldwide. Make sure to order yours from an authorized outlet and take home a piece of movie magic!