Sideshow Collectibles Book Fine Art Prints Vol. 2

  • EAN: 9781647225803
  • Sorszám: SS501636
\"It is our mission to create long-lasting, elegant, tangible touchstones that art enthusiasts will be proud to display.\"

Sideshow presents the Sideshow: Fine Art Prints Vol. 2 Hardcover Book, celebrating the pop culture creations of a supremely diverse and talented collective of illustrators.

From jaw-dropping art prints to strikingly lifelike statues, Sideshow is the world\'s premier creative studio when it comes to the intersection of high art and pop culture. Sideshow: Fine Art Prints Vol. 2 provides fans with an extensive look at the incredible process and stunning results of Sideshow\'s Art Print Program from 2017-2018, working with lauded artists such as Alex Ross, Olivia De Berardinis, Mark Brooks, Anthony Francisco, and more. This deluxe coffee-table book features concept sketches and finished looks at over 100 gallery-quality illustrations from the iconic worlds of Star Wars™, Marvel, DC Comics, and more, immersing fans in the visual realms of their favorite pop culture characters.

Complete with artist profiles and additional insights into the creative process from inception to final production, the Sideshow: Fine Art Prints Vol. 2 Hardcover Book makes a prestigious addition to any Sideshow collection, offering an unforgettable artistic experience at your fingertips.

Format: 30 x 23 cm
200 Pages