Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimates Action Figure Michaelangelo 18 cm

  • EAN: 840049808027
  • Sorszám: SUP7-DE-TMNTW03-MAO-01
Cowabunga, dudes! Super7 is proud to announce the debut of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Wave 3 Ultimates! Inspired by the original 80s classic toy line, each 7-inch articulated deluxe figure is lavishly painted and features a massive cache of weapons and interchangeable accessories.

Available for a limited time, these are a must have for the TMNT fan! Each figure will come with an alternative set of hands for highly posable play and display, plus a fully loaded weapons rack. They will also come with a PAINTED set of rack accessories in addition to an UNPAINTED set still on their rack.

Michelangelo, the carefree joker, comes equipped with:

- Interchangeable Heads
- Interchangeable Hands
- Pizza Box and Slice
- Nunchukus
- Turtle Fist Daggers
- Ninja Stars
- Kama
- Grappling Hook
- Weapons Rack

Michelangelo will also come packaged in a deluxe slip case-style box.